Winner Affiliate Program



Winner’s Sportsbook in Ethiopia offers a compelling affiliate program, designed for individuals and entities willing to spread the popularity of the brand and earn upon it. The program centers around the compelling sportsbook, its user-friendly interface and the diverse betting options, making it a promising venue for affiliates to market. Simply put, by joining the program, you commit to promoting the bookie in Ethiopia, with your efforts directly tied to attracting new users to the site. The program is structured to ensure mutual benefit, where performance-driven rewards are aligned with the affiliate’s ability to effectively utilize various marketing tools and strategies to grow the sportsbook’s user base.

Becoming an Affiliate Partner

Joining Winner’s affiliate program is a streamlined process. Future affiliates start by filling out a registration form, which includes providing basic personal information like username, first and last name, email address, phone number, and Skype ID, if available. This step is crucial for establishing your identity and communication channels. Additionally, affiliates are required to specify their country, which is essential for customizing the program to fit specific regional legal and market requirements.

Further details such as company name, website URL, and any additional information that might be relevant to the affiliate’s promotion strategy are also requested. The information helps Winner understand the affiliate’s potential marketing avenues and target audience. A critical part of the registration process involves agreeing to the terms and conditions of the program, and ensuring that you are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities.

After registration, affiliates receive a notification email to confirm their partnership with the operator. It contains the final steps to fully activate the affiliate account. Be sure to carefully read and understand all the provided materials to ensure a successful start.


In Winner’s аffiliate program, affiliate earnings are not fixed but depend on the company’s income from new users referred via the affiliate’s link and the quality of the traffic generated. Upon joining, affiliates start with a 20% commission on the company’s net profit (per month) from new users they bring in for the first three months, incentivizing initial growth.

The rate automatically increases to 25% post this period, contingent upon the affiliate attracting at least five new users each month. Monthly net profit calculations consider various factors, including new user deposits, winnings, bonuses, chargebacks, fraud, taxes, and the current balance. Affiliates failing to meet the five-user threshold over three consecutive months may face revised cooperation terms or account suspension. Proactive promotion of the company’s brands can lead to improved conditions, potentially increasing the commission rate.


Affiliates are paid monthly, no later than the 15th, after deducting applicable Withholding Tax. Payments are contingent on exceeding a minimum earnings threshold of $50 (or $100 for wire transfers), with a minimum commission credit of $200 required for international affiliates. Exchange rates are determined by the parallel currency market, and affiliates acknowledge this rate as final.

If an affiliate’s referred new customer incurs a negative net revenue in a month, it is offset against future positive earnings. Affiliates must accumulate a minimum account balance before payouts, otherwise, earnings roll over to the next period. Payment delays of up to two months are possible due to technical issues or necessary verifications, with reasons for such delays communicable through the company’s representative.

Key Obligations and Responsibilities

Affiliates who opt to engage with the affiliate program must adhere to a set of defined obligations and practices to maintain the effectiveness of the program. This encompasses using specially designed advertising materials that comply with legal, ethical, and company standards, and ensuring these materials remain relevant and accurate.

Affiliates are also responsible for the content on their platforms, ensuring it aligns with the program’s guidelines and does not infringe on legal or ethical boundaries. Moreover, they are required to disclose their traffic sources and must not engage in activities that could be seen as competing with Winner’s Sportsbook, such as using similar domain names, keywords, or creating misleading social media pages. Breaches in these areas can lead to revision or termination of the affiliate agreement.

Additionally, affiliates are bound by confidentiality regarding sensitive program information and must adhere to strict payment and commission guidelines, including adherence to minimum earnings thresholds and tax deductions. The program’s structure emphasizes the importance of positive, rule-abiding contributions from affiliates, with provisions for dispute resolution and support to ensure fair and effective collaboration.

  • Who qualifies as an Affiliate?

    According to Winner’s definition, an affiliate can be a webmaster, individual, or legal entity, who meets the conditions of the program and agrees to promote the brand’s services.

  • What is considered a referred user?

    The sportsbook considers a new user someone who had no previous player account on any of Winner’s websites, was attracted by an Affiliate through an affiliate link and made their first deposit.

  • What does the Reporting period mean?

    It is a specified time frame that allows the affiliate to track and assess the results of their work within the Winner’s affiliate program.

  • What advertising materials do I get to use?

    You get materials in various forms for example advertising content and text, graphics, audio, and video materials.

  • What betting products do I get to advertise?

    Winner’s platform offers a full range of betting options in Ethiopia, including conventional and virtual sports betting, casino games, and bingo/keno games among others.